δεῖξις, n. (day-IK-sis)

Proof or demonstration


Deixis provides digital contracts with provable properties, using blockchain technology without requiring new skills (from customers) except those any DBA might already have.

Middleware that:

  1. Models a blockchain as a relational database
  2. Interoperates with an actual blockchain through its relational model
  3. Maps between relational databases of different schemas
  4. Allows multiple parties to share data on a common blockchain while accessing the shared data through the relational model of their individual database systems


  • Legacy Compliant – Receives data from multiple legacy databases and consolidates diverse schemas in a mathematically rigorous way
  • Consensus Driven – Projects data to a blockchain to determine consensus to a known degree of confidence
  • Open to Outside Data – Receives consensus data from the databases themselvesand from outside sources
  • Data Curation– Resolves data inconsistency by consensus confirmation of a maximal consistent subset of the data, rendering untrustworthy data sets trustworthy

δεῖξις, n. (day-IK-sis)

About Deixis, PBC*

Mission: Develop technologies enabling digital governance of digital contracts.

Allen L Brown Jr, Patrick Santos, and Pamela Bell founded Deixis to transform governance of contracts from a social construct to a technical construct.  Today, electronic evaluation of contracts is limited to determining whether the contract is internally consistent and consistent with other contracts.  However, contracts are based on human trust.  This means contracts should be consistent with the real world.  Deixis introduces technology that can evaluate contracts against real world observations in near real time.  In this way, a contract may be trusted because it has been shown electronically to reflect a state of affairs.

Many of the contexts in which we propose to do such governance involve the Internet of Things.  An original scenario considered the enforcement of medical treatments and payment contracts.  But there are explicit and implicit contracts in many scenarios, including the following:

  • airport situational awareness regarding unauthorized motion in the airport’s air and ground space
  • collective situational awareness for autonomous ground vehicles
  • personal situational awareness and governance of the movement of one’s personal information through a social network
  • movement of goods through a supply chain
  • financial transfers among multiple parties


*Deixis is a public benefit corporation registered in the state of Delaware

About the founders


Allen L. Brown, Jr. PhD

Allen L. Brown, Jr. earned both his PhD in artificial intelligence and his Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics and chemical engineering at MIT. He has been in the forefront of computer science since the 1970s. He is proficient in computer science research and the architecture of innovative software systems, documented in multiple patents and refereed technical publications.

Dr. Brown served on the Joint Panel on Information Technology of the National Institutes of Science and Technology and the National Science Foundation. He has been an associate editor of the journal, Electronic Publishing. He served on the program and organizing committees of multiple conferences and workshops in the areas of logic programming, electronic publishing and nonmonotonic logic. He has served, past and present, as a member of multiple technical standards working groups related to XML and the World Wide Web. He has served as a principal investigator in US government-funded research.

Dr. Brown has had academic appointments as the James Clarke Welling Professor at George Washington University, as a senior visiting fellow at the Cornell University Mathematical Sciences Institute and as a Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at Syracuse University.

Dr. Brown’s professional experience includes 17 years with Xerox, including roles as Principal Scientist at PARC and CIO at XSoft. He has another 25 years of experience as a research scientist at IBM’s Thomas J Watson Research Lab, and as a software architect at the Microsoft Corporation and Amgen, Inc. Dr. Brown has been a founder of two previous venture-backed start-ups.


Patrick Santos JD

Patrick Santos earned his BS in mathematics from the University of Washington and his MSE in computer science at Seattle University. He pursued graduate studies in law at the American University Washington College of Law and received a JD from Seattle University where he graduated magna cum laude.

Mr. Santos is the managing attorney at Han Santos PLLC with substantial in-house, outside counsel, and US Patent and Trademark Office examination experience. Mr. Santos specializes in large projects requiring crafting a custom intellectual property strategy covering patent prosecution, conflicts, and licensing, and other IP such as copyright and trademark. He is presently a seconded attorney to a large telecommunications company, developing IP taxonomies and strategy, identifying and developing nascent IP, and providing IP licensing evaluations and responses. He was a partner at a national law firm in IP services. He was at the USPTO as a patent examiner for database, file systems, distributed systems, and cryptography.

Mr. Santos was a patent analyst and a software design engineer at the Microsoft Corporation.

Mr. Santos is experienced in establishing and managing up outsourced/offshored teams as needed. He has a strong technical background, with 12 years of professional software engineering at the Microsoft Corporation. Areas of his experience include distributed systems, database systems, and embedded systems.


Pamela Bell PMP

Pamela Bell graduated with a BS in Physics from Wake Forest University. She holds certification in project management from the Project Management Institute.

Ms. Bell is a principal at X Combinator LLC dba cismatica. cismatica provides technology consulting and project management in the aviation industry.

Ms. Bell has 25 years experience in the aviation industry. She was previously a senior consultant in aviation technology with Ross & Baruzzini, Inc. and with Arup Americas Group. While with Arup she was also the project manager for technology design for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus. She was the IT Director at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and an electrical engineer on the FAA Technical Services Support Contract FAA with Raytheon Systems Company. She has worked with major airports around the world in technology planning and implementation.

Ms. Bell was a principal investigator for the Airports Cooperative Research Panel for the National Academy of Engineering. She has been a frequent participant on their panels and in research for multiple airport topics. She is also a member, speaker and moderator for Airports Council International – North America and the American Association of Airport Executives.



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